Samurai Soil™

The ideal substrate for shrimp and planted aquaria

This unique, uniformly graded material fits the pH and mineral requirements of the most sensitive freshwater fauna and flora, without the muddy texture and crumbling often seen with other brands. This complete substrate eco-system is infused with mycorrhizal fungi for enhanced root development, and each package contains a dose of biologicals for a faster and more thorough cycle.

Samurai Soil™ is available as:
3.5 lb jar; Units/Case: 6 UPC: 008479007610
9 lb jar; Units/Case: 2 UPC: 008479007629
LifeRock SHapes

LifeRock™ Shapes

Remember what live rock used to look like?

Fantastic shapes, incredible colors… Well check out new LifeRock™ Shapes, the latest version of CaribSea’s amazing LifeRock™ line up. Each 20 pound box comes with a selection of arches, rings, tunnels and more! There is simply no better, no more spectacular way to aquascape your marine or reef aquarium. These open, light shapes not only provide lots of cover and “play area” for fish, but provide nice nooks and shelf areas for inverts too. Plus, because LifeRock™ shapes are so open and 3 dimensional, 20 pounds goes a long way! The beautiful layout you can make with LifeRock™ Shapes leaves lots of open water areas so flow rates are at their best as well. Each box is different, and every rock is too. No molds, no plastic; real calcium carbonate rock based formations complete with living, spored bacteria and the most realistic colors of any marine rock. Nature Perfected, Nature Protected, that’s LifeRock™ from CaribSea.

LifeRock™ Shapes is available as:
20 lb boxes; Units/Case: 1 UPC: 008479003812
LifeRock SHapes

Hurricane Update

Hurricane Irma stirs up sand and more over the Florida Keys

Storms can be both helpful and harmful to a reef. We all know the benefit of good circulation in your reef aquarium - but too much of a good thing can be devastating. While the strong waves and currents which break off branches may aid in some relocation of corals and their eggs, it often leads to piles of dead branches and partially buried colonies. The two photos above (NOAA/NASA) show the gulfstream on September 7th (top) and September 11th (bottom). This storm not only altered our planet above the water-line; it has drastically changed the landscape below the water-line. Only time and our friends from the keys will tell us how our nations reefs and all of it's marine life weathered this barrage of storms so far.

For more information about the this storm and our Keys visit: this link


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