Coco Soft™

All-natural Coconut husk bedding
Clean, soft, awesome odor control

Coco Soft™ is your best bedding value. Coco Soft™ smells fresh up to 3 times longer than other reptile bedding by eliminating odors naturally, not simply masking them with perfumes or aromatic oils. Coco Soft™ becomes a living substrate that functions like a forest floor ecosystem with up to 20 times the biological activity of other brands. Coco Soft™ begins with fresh 100% organically grown coconut husk, never fermented in saline water. In fact Coco Soft™ has been demonstrated in a major university study to reduce the growth of pathogenic fungi by up to 77%! These same microorganisms quickly reduce organic waste, keeping the enclosure cleaner and smelling fresh, even on a heavy feeding schedule. A cleaner cage means a healthier pet.
  • Package Sizes:
    4 qt, 10 qt, 24 qt
04210, 4 qt bag; 00210, 10 qt bag; 24210, 24 qt bag
Fine Chip
04212, 4 qt bag; 00212, 10 qt bag; 24212, 24 qt bag
Coarse Chip
04211, 4 qt bag; 00211, 10 qt bag; 24211, 24 qt bag